Stafford McLoughlin Archaeology provides services to suit the archaeological, heritage and built heritage needs of the private and public sectors. Together with our industry partners we can provide a wide range of services.

Clients include local authorities, private individuals, community groups, quarry owners, building contractors, architects and planning consultants. We provide the following services:

  • Desk-based archaeological assessment
  • Archaeological testing, monitoring and excavation
  • Archaeological post-excavation services
  • Community archaeology projects
  • Liaison with state heritage authorities
  • Cultural heritage assessment
  • Archaeology & conservation reports to accompany planning applications 
  • Ministerial consent applications for works to National Monuments
  • Historic graveyard conservation & survey
  • Built heritage conservation consultancy & survey
  • Built heritage & architectural heritage impact assessments
  • Conservation plans and heritage plans
  • Heritage tourism appraisals 
  • Heritage site interpretation, guided tour compilation and exhibitions
  • Heritage seminars, lectures and workshops
  • Grant applications